LaFutura 2019 in Lisbon
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Join us for the 10-year anniversary of the global trend network LaFutura in Lisbon

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This year’s LaFutura Conference will not put ‘bigger, higher, faster’ in the focus. No – for the 10-year anniversary we can’t imagine to not go back to our origin: Europe! We invite all trend seekers, future enthusiasts, network members and change makers to an unforgettable, unconventional anniversary conference in Lisbon on September 25 and 26, 2019.

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Why Lisbon though?
Lisbon is the historical starting point for sailors to explore the world – Lisbon equips the sailors, the seekers and the dreamers for centuries. We will go together to a city, which owns the magical flair of people’s willingness to go on a journey. Just as LaFutura does: in 2009 LaFutura started its seeking for the future journey, together with you. Now, 10 years later, it is time to harbor successfully, equip again and prepare for the future to come.

This year’s content will be unconventional in a different way: it will show the contrasts and transitions of life and living affected by various industries – in different scenarios. Lisbon is for a fact a shrinking city because of its given infrastructures – how can a city, a company or even humanity manage a transition to not get lost in todays speed of life, pressure of technology and environmental challenges?

The age of reengagement gives us the chance to talk about the ‘Quality of Life’. LaFutura 2019 will even focus on the quality of the future life. It will give the chance to explore the tools from the equippers for the future to co-shape the future journey of humanity, companies, cities and the world.

Join us on this seeking process to co-explore, co-create and co-live the future.


  • 2- Day Conference 25/26 Sept 2019
  • Moving conference in 5 outstanding locations / innovation and startup centers in Lisbon
  • World famous speakers
  • Focus on the “Quality of Life”. Especially for cities, leisure, social innovation, sustainability, sports and human enhancement
  • Professional guest management


  • CATEGORY 1 REGULAR: 580 USD Early Bird until 1. June 2019 // 780 USD until 1. Aug.2019 // 1180 USD late
  • CATEGORY 2 STUDENT: 50 USD Student / Education
  • CATEGORY 3 MEMBER: 480 USD LaFutura Members, Friends, Partners
  • CATEGORY 4 LOCAL: 280 USD Participants from Portugal
    (only for participants with Portuguese passport)

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Q&A Hotlines:

  • Participants / Partners: Cécile Cremer, President LaFutura / +31 6 46276440
  • Sponsors / Corporates: Nils Müller, CEO TRENDONE / +49 172 59 40 140
  • For Press / Media: Claudia Loewe, MD LaFutura, / +49 151 175 222 63